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www.myjeeji.in is an exclusive store for JEEJI products and is officially managed by Lore & Care India Pvt. Ltd. Reg. office: New Delhi, India and branch office, Mangalore Karnataka.

The Brand JEEJI is dedicated to top quality-oriented products to make it experience a touch of nature. The products of JEEJI are made with extra care to keep the baby’s delicate skin safe. Team Jeeji strives to bring the best products to the customers, that are premium quality, feel better, healthy, and environment friendly.

As updated on 10-09-2022 our current product categories are milky soft bathing bar for babies and kids, baby lotion, baby shampoo & body wash, baby massage oil, and plant-based liquid detergent for cloth washing purposes for babies and kids. We keep adding new products to our portfolio, as research goes on. To get timely updates, please subscribe to our newsletter by submitting the form below. 

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